Aditya’s Illusion
1 min readMay 15, 2024


Emotionally Reclusive, Intellectually Redundant

I know! I was struggling too, “what the hell does it mean?” Then I reflected, realised that it simply meant “me”.

I use the redundant stoic modalities to justify my emotional silence in 21st century! Of course it’s me! Trying to tuck myself comfortably under the blanket of convenience.

Convenience how? Because, I usually preach epicurean way of life, or imitate the interpretations of it.

Was intellectual enough? Let’s talk about that emotionally reclusive me.

“Do I not feel emotions?”– Did you just ask that?

Anyway, I do! Sometimes intense, so much so that, I end up writing this. But expressing it to another human? That’s where I become reclusive.

Chained by the fear of abandonment, I climb the stairs of intellectual privilege to crawl out of any form of emotional attachments.

This is disabling! The ability to express love, passion, compassion, and even hate to an extent, loses hope in this tunnel. There is never seeing that light at the end of it. If there is an end that it!

I am grateful I could feel, and write what I could. Are you still contemplating ?