I am not my Resume!

Aditya’s Illusion
4 min readJul 26, 2023

“ I was just guessing numbers and figures

Pulling the puzzles apart

Questions of Science, Science and Progress

Don’t Speak as Loud as my Heart” — The Scientist, Coldplay

That’s pretty much about the resume already said by one of my favourites. If you’re reading this, well, maybe it’s because you couldn’t resist the allure of my wit and charm! (You are just kind :))

If you come to look at me, (a photograph attached below), you might not even want to see my resume :D.

What the!! ? I know right! That’s usually me if we are not talking resume

Bet you’ve got that one embarrassing photo tucked away in the depths of your phone too, right? Don’t worry; we’re all in the same boat here, unless you happen to be a professional selfie-taker, in which case, hats off to you! 😄 But hey, that’s precisely why I am NOT my resume!

Let’s talk about perseverance, my secret weapon! It’s like growing those luscious locks; it takes time, patience, and a lot of care. And boy, do I have it down to a T! Need proof? Just ask those long tresses — they’ll vouch for me! (Refer to the above photo for evidence!) And you know what’s missing from my resume? Yup, that very skill!

On those sleepless nights, struggling with emotional well-being, I survive them like you do. (I hope don’t have professional sleepless nights :P). But hey, on those sleepless nights, when we all ponder the meaning of life, we’ve searched for it all — poems, novels, songs, movies, art, or simply stared at nature’s wonders like mountains and the sea, desperate for some breathing space. Then, like champions, we showed up for work the next day, fulfilling all those commitments with a smile (and maybe a few yawns). Anyone else have those nights missing from their resumes too?

Gratitude is my superpower, folks! I’m always thankful for the chance to help others, with or without cold, hard cash. And hey, if you’re not into spreading kindness yet, let me remind you that the social sector could use a lot of financial love, and well, I could use some sweet remuneration too, right? 😜 We’ve all been there, walking into those office spaces where everything isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, especially when it comes to bosses! But hey, we’ve mastered the art of hiding our inner Lucifers and hanging in there like bosses ourselves. My resume may showcase diverse experiences (all mutually exclusive, of course!), but it doesn’t capture the immense gratitude I feel for those who embraced me into the unknown, helping me discover my skills and grow even more. Every opportunity that comes my way is a sweet manifestation of this gratitude, but enough about the resume, right?

Now, let’s talk about my passionate affair with the planet and all its inhabitants! Oh yes, I’m a globe-trotting adventurer who indulges in extreme sports, writes captivating stories, sings tunes that’ll make your heart sing, captures moments through photography, and devours books like they’re going out of style. These adventures teach me about the environment, culture, practices, faith, political systems, and socio-economic status — fueling my very own superpower: Critical Thinking and Mindful Feeling! This incredible combo helps me concoct sustainable and achievable social intervention plans that can change the world, one ripple at a time. But hey, my resume might just scratch the surface; it doesn’t capture the burning passion and drive behind it all.

By the way, if you’re still reading, you’re witnessing another one of my skills — the power of captivating writing! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back for getting this far! 😄 And guess what? I’d like to believe that while you were reading this, you connected with the hidden gems that you’re NOT on your resume too — those things that truly make you shine!

Oh, and hold on, let’s talk about coincidences! My dear friend Turam just sent me a screenshot (check it out below!). It’s like the universe’s magic is at play, and we’ll call it a “co-incidence” with a professional touch! 😂

That’s by my “Roomie” :P
I love making memes too, this was for the cover image :P