The Chance of a Lifetime Not to Play Specially Abled

Aditya’s Illusion
3 min readJan 18, 2021

Humans with disabilities have often been labelled with different tags. Specially Abled, Differently Abled, Divine, Inspirational, Motivational, Gift of God, Handicapped, crippled, and Dumb are some of the most common nomenclatures used across our diverse country. Several politicians, celebrities and even Non-Governmental organizations use these words.

Get out of inspiration porn

If you are looking for inspiration, look within! We are doing the same. We are neither ‘More’ Humans with a sixth sense /Divinity /Inspirational or ‘Less’ Humans looking for sympathy. The best way to come out of this notion of More Human or Less Human is to be treated like anyone else who is being respected like individuals for our work and nothing else.

Is there a place to find a Talents with Disability?

The most important question that you should ask is this. We have tremendous skills but don’t have a platform to showcase this. Several websites are not accessible to users with disabilities and hence, demonstrating their skills becomes tough. Corporates and event management firms are unable to find suitable talent within the disability sector as they don’t understand how to discover them.

We learn, and we make a difference

To solve this problem of Talent Discovery, volunteers got together to create a platform which hosts different categories like singers, dancers, instrumentalists, physiotherapists, bakers, masseuse, models, painters and a plethora of other talents. So, whether you are great at singing or graphic designing, or voice over, you simply need to sign up to the platform to create your profile for free. Whether you are a great comedian or magician or have any other kind of talent, feel free to join in as it’s exclusive to people with disabilities.

How do you join us?

Visit and register yourself for free. There are some talented mentors who would help you in beautifying your bio so that it is more appealing to possible recruiters. You need to fill in a few basic details, upload high-resolution photos, share your work links and write a riveting bio for all to soak in your talent. That’s it!

You are ready to showcase your Atypical Talent to the world with Ad agencies, Corporates, Individuals browsing through your abilities and connecting with you directly. And don’t forget to mention your expected charges for your work because your work is valuable.

Your talent is your Advantage

You always have us by your side, your Atypical Advantage. Our widespread network, like the roots of an old tree, gets you some of the best employment opportunities. We bring employment opportunities for a person with disabilities. We connect you with organizations and individuals that require your talent. We are aware that growth comes from a nurturing environment and the right ingredients, we aim to create the right environment for your career to fly high.

Welcome to the World’s first talent platform where you are not specially-abled but talented!

Atypical Advantage is Planet’s first Talent platform for People with Disabilities. Explore our website to hire diverse talent, shop for products made by people with disabilities, browse through exquisitely curated art. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, read more about us on our blog, sign up for mentorship, volunteer with us or feel free to contribute here.

Until next time,
Your Atypical Buddy!