The Women Bank — Your Ego Saving Accounts

Aditya’s Illusion
3 min readOct 11, 2020

“Men of the world Unite” — Patriarchy

On a planet named Earth, a great scientist proposed the evolutionary theory. In that discourse, the phrase “Survival of the fittest” was borrowed from another gentleman named Herbert Spencer. This phrase later brought a catastrophe on that planet. Some believe that this self-proclaimed intelligent species destroyed the planet and brought an end to their own lives. On our planet, we do not have archives of alien history, or our own history or rather any history. Our great thinkers decided to learn about the species of the universe and create a world of harmony. They believed documenting history would rather create conflicts in the future and hence theory and philosophy were banned. I state this as a disclaimer because of my knowledge that might be insufficient or incomplete and you must not judge me for it.

You might be intrigued to know more about us. Well, by looks we have all the sensory organs well-aligned except for our mouth, that is way below our head, and most of the things we say never reach our own brains. We eat whatever grows on the soil, but we also have to put back the seeds. We have designated duties to perform throughout. On Earth, there was another philosopher named Marx, I am not sure of his first name. They say that he was responsible for a war between the species. He believed that some of the fellow sapiens were oppressing the other. Our ancestors understood this as a major threat to our existence and assigned duties to every household in the community, this made us more interdependent and made us realize that we need to work together to live in peace and harmony. We do have money and everyone on this planet gets the same wage, there is no wage discrimination as every work is equal and there are no qualms as everyone values each other.

You might be wondering about the everlasting peace on our planet. Let me tell you that once there was a great war on our planet. It started with the folks assigned with the duty of reproduction of our species. They are called “women”, the term some say was borrowed from the most intelligent species that once lived. The founding fathers of our planet do not talk about it, it is a crime to record and transcribe any of that history. Remember the gentleman from Earth who proposed the evolutionary theory? All the other folks were at war to prove their fitness and mate with the women. However, the women revolted because they felt that they had become instruments in the hands of the other folks. In order to bring justice and peace, women were allowed to chose the folks they wanted to mate with. This resulted in more heinous crimes and there was unrest. No women felt safe and all the other folks were immensely hurt by rejections. Another intelligent gentleman named Freud from the planet Earth used the word “Ego” to define such behavior. The other folks wanted to control the women in order to prove their superiority. Hundreds of thousands of women were subject to violence and atrocities. Our great thinkers met to exchange their knowledge about the universe and realized that this was very similar to the catastrophe on Earth. They decided to build a women bank, all the reproducing folks were supposed to be deposited for safekeeping and act as savings for the “ego” of men. On the epitaph of my grandfather, “Men of the world Unite — Patriarchy” is engraved. My father tells me, that my grandfather brought this from Earth on his first journey.

Disclaimer: We are a species of binary gender and procreation is a duty. We aren’t governed by rights and we do not have a justice system.

Lots of women are fighting the system from within. Shutterstock