From Lost to Found: Embracing the Symphony of Time

Aditya’s Illusion
3 min readJun 26, 2023


In the depths of my existence, I often felt lost, adrift in a sea of uncertainty. For 32 long years, I wandered aimlessly, seeking solace among people and places, only to be met with conflicts that shook my very core. Life, they said, was a journey – but made it about a constant search for stability. But oh, how foolish I was to believe that was all it could be! I never surrendered to the mundane, the mundane that demanded my immediate attention, leaving me depressed, alone, and devoid of true companionship.

But then, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged. A few lost souls appeared, offering me their unwavering support. They became my rock, my best friends, stitching together the fragments of my shattered life. The linear timeline of past, present, and future no longer held its grip on me. Let us reverse it, unraveling the threads of time, and perhaps, a semblance of meaning will emerge.

We embark on a journey back to the age where a rebirth took place. It began with a serendipitous realisation yesterday when I stumbled upon a manifestation of Kabir in form of a stranger – a living, breathing soul. I followed the thread to the day before that, an inexplicable calling drew me towards a stranger, as if love itself transcended from ethereal realms, I surrendered to it. Finally, I confronted my own demons, breaking free from a relationship that only offered temporary solace. A few months earlier, I dedicated my skills to another human being, without any exchange of monetary compensation. Why? Because I saw in him the burning desire to build an organization that could better people’s lives, even amidst the turmoil of his own divorce.

For the longest time, I remained jobless, refusing to succumb to the allure of material possessions. Hope flickered within me, an eternal flame, guiding my every impulse. I delved deep into the boundless expanses of my own being, actively engaging with the abundance of space and time that resided within. Along this tumultuous path, I discovered that not everyone who spoke of kindness truly understood its profound essence.

In my quest for a mentor, I encountered many who expected everything from me without offering the support I yearned for. Amidst the trials, a stranger appeared – a mirror to my own wild, untamed spirit. They introduced me to the thrilling world of adventure sports, igniting a passion within me that now burns brighter than ever.

I pressed on, traversing this extraordinary journey of mine – sometimes seeking refuge, sometimes confronting my deepest fears. Amidst moments of unwavering belief and crippling disbelief, I began to grasp my place in the grand tapestry of existence. The world may have turned a blind eye to my expectations and my very existence, but time, my dear friend, held me close in its embrace. I mattered to time, and in its embrace, it transformed me. Now, at the age of 32, time feels like a capsule, holding the essence of my rebirth.

I surrender to time, surrender to its ceaseless ticking – a count of every heartbeat, every breath, and every blink of an eye. It leaves its indelible mark on my body and soul. I no longer believe in managing time; instead, I have allowed time to manage me, guiding me through the symphony of life’s infinite possibilities of rebirths.